The mission of Art Garden Academy is to foster the social, emotional and cognitive development of children through visual fine arts programming.


To ensure that children of all backgrounds and abilities have access to fine arts programming.


To provide creative, social and supported children's fine arts learning spaces


Art Garden started and operated to "grow artists", but after nearly two decades of teaching experience it became evident that much more is occurring as children learned art-making. This experience and years of observation were key motivators in seeking to expand programming, add locations, and redesign the curriculum to support human development. For 15 years, the studio has nurtured and 'grown' a handful of artists; interior design, graphic, and illustration, but most of our students have gone on to be special education teachers, a Yale Law student, OSU medical student and several engineers. The studio has been a safe space to reflect, express, sort-out, be, create space inside our mind and heart, calm, and support each other. We grow artists but we also grow people!

Engagement in the arts is critical for human development. Across the world children and adults create as a form of communications, expression and as a means of interacting and understanding the world and culture in which they live. Creating art simultaneously shapes our brains, beliefs and how we see and interact with the world around us. The act of creation and self-discovery is liberating, educative and in some instances therapeutic. Art assures us that we are capable, unique, valuable, and that we can in fact make a difference in our world.

Art-making improves cognitive, social and emotional processes. Art requires us to in interact with others and the world around us. Art inspires learning about ourselves and others. Art Garden Academy is boutique visual fine art studios where children create with their minds and hands while forming the human skills necessary for life.

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