Art Garden Academy Fine Art Classes

Summary of details below:

  • Pay for monthly tuition by the 1st of each month or be auto draft billed by the 3rd. 

  • $25 Registration fee  good until withdrawn for 2 consecutive months.

  • Classes are not pro-rated after the 1st of the month has past and tuition saves your space in the enrolled class recurring. We do not prorate for missed classes.

  • You may make up a class within the same month/same class missed, please notify us so we're ready for you!

  • Don’t be late to guided classes or you may be asked to reschedule

  • Dropping a class requires at least 14 days notification, a signed Drop Form or an email (with office reply).

Policies and Procedures details:

Membership Agreement: Primary account holders must be parents/guardians and/or over 18 years. Primary account holders are responsible for management and maintenance of account information including billing information and contact information. Primary account holders accept full financial responsibility for any enrollments including annual membership fee and/or cancellation.

Art Garden Studios requires all members to keep a VALID CREDIT/DEBIT CARD on file. To ensure all monthly payments are approved please keep all personal info updated in your account at all times (i.e. current mailing address with city, state, and zip code). Monthly tuition on recurring services such as classes are due in full on the 1st of each month. Automatic draft billing will be processed on the 3rd of each month. Please note that the automatic draft billing will collect total balance due, including  art supplies on tab and cannot process partial payments.

Registration: Primary Account holder will be charged a  registration fee $25 upon registration and will not be charged again unless 2 consecutive months are missed. Annual registration fee is not required for camps, workshops, or events/parties but offer discounts on many of these offerings. The fee is non-refundable or transferable.

Re-enrollment: Primary Account holder will be charged a $25 registration fee after 2 consecutive months are missed.

Class Policies: Class enrollment and tuition reserves your space in the class and is not based on attendance. Your space is saved until notice of withdraw. Once enrolled, the artist will remain on the roster and tuition is due by the 1st of each month or is automatically billed on the 3rd of each month. Tuition is not prorated for missed classes or for studio closures due to Holidays. Art Garden will make every effort to re-schedule or allow placement in a different class to make up for the closure. Make up classes are offered in the same level class in the same month if space allows and the office has approved.

Art Garden has a late to class policy for all guided classes. Classes start on time and are guided to a point where a late student takes too much class time to “catch up” without disrupting the other artists and the project lesson. You may be asked to reschedule the class if the guided class is too far along in the art process to make a seamless entry (typically 10 minutes) determined by the instructor. Students may not be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes before class time or picked up later than 10 minutes of class dismissal. For the safety of your child, no student is permitted to wait outside.

You will be notified of inclement weather closure via e-mail no less than 2 hours before your scheduled class time. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather shall be made up on a scheduled make up day.


Drop Procedure for classes: Notification of dropping a class via email/and office reply or by signed Drop-Form (office) by the primary account holder, is the only form that will be accepted. Phone calls and telling an instructor is not acceptable notification in order to be removed from a class and financial responsibility. Notice must be received a MINIMUM of 14 days before tuition is drafted. Past due tuition will be sent to collections after 90 days if automatic draft is denied.


Tel: 614-269-8182