Tuition and Classroom Policies & Procedures: 


  • Tuition is monthly and starts at the beginning of the month.  The fee's cover 1 class every week for 4 weeks/1 month

    • If you have a new student who would like to start in the middle of the month, we will prorate the classes missed at the beginning of the month.  

  • For guided classes (Level 1 & 2) - ​if your students is more than 10 minutes late, they will not be permitted to attend and will need to schedule a makeup class.

  • Contact the office if your student will be absent to schedule a makeup class.  614-269-8182 or

  • Your students space rolls over from month to month in order to save their seat.  To withdraw from classes please email the office or fill out the drop log in house.

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Tel: 614-269-8182