My business has Covid-19

Last month my small art studio was feeling fine. It was carrying a few extra pounds but we were exercising together, trimming back, eating well; well except for Mondays during our team weekly meeting sometimes we pull out the chocolate stash either to celebrate or help us through remained to be seen.

The sickness came on slow. First, it just didn't feel quite right so we went home to rest and from there it was up and down for a few weeks but it got harder and harder to breathe.

And it's not its fault.

In hindsight, it could've been more careful and clean but it just didn't know. It knew other things though; take a couple days off to regroup or recoup from the things that are thrown its way.

Covid needs more time.

My business knew how to act in everyday life as it knew it.

Covid isn't like what we know.

The studio is my 4th child, I've said. Last week, the youngest at age 15... is on life-support.

The reality is that this business of mine is not a child, it's not a parent, or a family member, it isn't even a distant cousin. It's something I created with my mind and my hands and with the help of a lot of people (It turns out it takes a village to raise a business too!)

The reality is I will recover! I am an artist. Raised up to know how to use the skills in my 'toolbox' that the process of creating and innovating has taught me while simply making art. I am not afraid of stepping up to a blank canvas, making a plan, and getting to work on it.

In the meantime, I wish Art Garden Studios a speedy recovery!

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