what's the point in pointing fingers?

Updated: Apr 23

Who's to blame? It's human nature to point a finger at some one or some thing. Some find it easy to point a finger at themselves (I usually start here then when I've exhausted myself I move on). Most of us favor and some even argue and we do this with nearly everything, our favorite flavor, chocolate or vanilla or our favorite pet, cat or dog, our 'anything' we are willing to fight over, really, as if the things we enjoy and that are good, have to be the 'chosen one' for all!

I'm often asked what my favorite medium is. My answer? Acrylic! but wait, watercolor! but then again colored pencil! Here's how it goes... I love acrylic. It's what I learned art on, my first love, I spent years talking to it, asking it questions, exploring and falling in love, and I 'know' it like I know my own face. I had a brief love affair with colored pencil. I dove in, learned about it, it was quick and clean (the affair and the medium). And watercolor (long pause here), watercolor plays hard to get, is unforgiving, but keeps me coming back to conquer (I mean master).

Experience is the answer. And experiences, with each like and dislike are as different as chocolate and vanilla. Love some, hate some. Some are warm and fuzzy like a dog or 'let me be' like a cat, but experiences aren't right or wrong they just are. Put them all together and it makes us WHO we are. But without them, who are we? What is there?

I point my finger in the direction of what I need:

Acrylic painting, you comfort me, you're an old loyal friend.

Pencils, I'll catch you on the run!

Watercolor, you surprise me, keep me guessing, challenge me.

What if the next time you point a finger, try picking up something with it and explore it for yourself? You may just find a relationship that serves you well.


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