Painting Badge


The requirements:

  1. Get inspired

  2. Paint the real world 

  3. Paint a mood

  4. Paint without brushes

  5. paint a mural  


Our Instructor will (1)"Get you inspired" by sharing what we do for inspiration, what we like to paint and why we chose art. Then,you will paint (2)"the real world" in this case, a pet portrait. Discussing the colors we use will show and (3)"paint a mood". The border on the canvas will be made using stamps, and other objects to (4)"paint without brushes".


We will cover the first 4 requirements in 2 hours while completing one painting.


scouts $25/scout


add the mural 8-11 scouts/ .5 hour -$30 flat rate

add the mural 12-16 scouts/ 1 hour- $60 flat rate


Your location? add flat $25 for an off-site charge

Tel: 614-269-8182