LIVE Online Fine Art Classes

We are dedicated to carrying on our mission to foster the cognitive, emotional and social development of children through visual fine arts programming even at home.

Our virtual classes are taught using a ACES (Art, Cognitive, Emotional, Social) system for well-rounded child development using our art-making process. 


ART- the fundamentals of art making are included in each of our levels and build on each other according to age appropriate child development.
COGNITIVE- practicing problem-solving skills, perseverance, decision making and critical thinking
EMOTIONAL- Understanding mood, movement and the quiet skill of art making helps us to understand our world and the worlds around us.
SOCIAL-Our virtual classes will be recorded and you can watch that video but one of our core human development objectives is SOCIAL, we aim to get together and LIVE virtually and make art!



Supplies are not included in our online classes but there is a supply list needed for our lessons at Blick Art (  "BlickU" where Art Garden Academy has published a list for your Level. Everything is on that list for 3 months of lessons. If you have supplies already on that list you can simply delete that item. GO TO and hover over My Account and click on Wish List.   At the bottom is a link for BlickU, click on this and then search BlickU for Art Garden Academy, your level is there!

Full supply list runs appx. $50-$75/3 months

see our class descriptions by clicking your Level below...


ages 4,5,6


ages 7,8,9,10


ages 11 and up


ages 11 and up

Tel: 614-269-8182